Mobile Advertising Responsiveness High for Women

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A recent report released from mobile ad network AppCircle (operated by mobile analytics powerhouse Flurry) uncovered very useful information about the demographic segmentation of mobile ad campaigns and the big increase in women’s responsiveness to mobile ads. The report uses a sample of 60,000 “active, daily users on iOS.” 

According to the report, women using smartphones have clearly broken out of the pack and are now lengths ahead for responsiveness and value of audience for mobile ad spends, including mobile ads displayed on social networks like Facebook. As recently as one year ago analysts reporting on new app penetration and mobile web ads would have named men ages 18-24 the group most likely to be the most responsive and in turn earning the highest eCPM. The AppCircle report proves that this is no longer the case. 

This trend is supported by well-established browsing habits of women in mobile formats, especially social environments. Informational searching, social engagement and elevated click with intent to purchase are all proven habits of browsing females ages 18-35 with above median household incomes. Studies show that typical smartphone users spend upwards of 52% of their mobile use on social networking on average.

The increase in mobile ad responsiveness may not be a change in behavior for female users but actually an increase in mobile ad targeting capabilities on social networks and mobile analytics demographic captures. Another factor to note is the increase in ads featuring products and services that appeal to women. To date, the mobile ad space has been dominated by ads that are targeting the 18-24 year old male demographic.

As agencies quickly pivot ad spends to take advantage of the responsiveness of women in the mobile medium, one would expect to see a surge in display buys within social networks, mobile apps and mobile web sites for brands that seek out new ways to reach these women in high-conversion target demos.

According to the report “25-34 year old females fetch the highest eCPMs at around $13, driven by high click-through and conversion rates. In fact, females are the more desirable target audience across most age breaks, tied with men in the 18-24 year old age range, and exceeding them at 25 and older.”

The rapid growth of ad responsiveness for women using mobile will grow alongside increasing use of social networks by women. This is definitely a target demo to watch and learn from as mobile ad techniques, such as in-feed rich media units, are leveraged by more brands.


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