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It’s Summer Vacation! But NOT for Social Media…

by Candice MacDonald
June 24, 2013 at 3:09 PM

Do you feel it?  That urge to wear all white (OK, maybe just a
white linen shirt), fire up the grill, plan for weekend getaways, and if you’re
lucky enough, put up an Out Of Office message for a Summer Friday off. The
longest day of the year is approaching, and excitement for the laid back, holiday-filled
season is here. It’s officially summer.

Unfortunately, many
brands bring this vacation mindset into their Social Media strategy.  The number of posts slow down, response time
becomes less of a priority, and engagement? Nowhere to be found from June through

It’s time to change
that mentality and kick your Summer Social Media planning into high gear.  This season is the perfect opportunity for
brands to get creative and engage fans with “hot” and relevant content: new BBQ
recipes, outdoor fitness ideas, warm weather fashion tips, concerts and
events, advice on keeping energy bills low… the opportunities are endless.

No matter
what your brand is offering, there are plenty of ways to maintain
community engagement during the next several months.  To kick off
summer, Moontoast has put together our Summer Survival Tips to help keep
your subscribers engaged while soaking up the sun: 

Summer Survival Tips

1. Sweepstakes and contests: To encourage user participation, offer fans and followers free goodies, VIP passes, or exclusive discounts. To generate buzz and engagement, have users post about favorite vacation destinations, warm weather cocktail ideas, or top ten songs to drive with the top down for entry. 

2. User-generated content: Ask fans for photos, video clips, and stories from vacations and weekends at the beach.  Users love to share personal experiences and memories through social media channels. Make sure you like and engage with them too! 

3. Live exclusive content: For users that can’t attend your summer events, make them feel like they are still a part of the action. Consider streaming live content, uploading fresh photos to a slideshow, or offering exclusive content post-event for only your fans and followers to view. 

4. Create a game or activity: Summer brings out the inner child in all of us, so it’s a perfect time to get creative with games. Engage fans with a memory game, Sudoku, scratch off… you name it!  Don’t forget to think about unique ways of incorporating your brand into these games.  

5.  Mobile first: No surprise here, but time spent on social mobile apps, such as Facebook and Twitter, is high. Very high.  And growing. So even though your fans might be at the beach, chances are their phone or tablet is right next to their shades.  Keep this in mind when compiling your summer content and strategy. Why not increase your mobile presence with media spend, or test mobile-specific calls to action during these few months?  With more users away from indoor desktops this season, considering mobile first is a critical component to your channel strategy. 

It’s important to remember that even though it may be time for longer days of sunshine, outdoor activities, family vacations, and umbrella drinks, it’s not the time to put up a Social Media Out Of Office.  During these next few months, get creative and unique with how you engage your communities, take advantage of what the season has to offer, and have fun with your fans. But most importantly, don’t forget the sunscreen! 

Want to know more about how Moontoast can help boost social summer fun? Just ask!